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Udemy - Ultimate Guide to Product Design - Fusion 360 for Beginners

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    Learn 3D modelling, sketching, assembly and rendering in Fusion360 through 5+ hours of comprehensive follow along videos

    What you'll learn

    Interface Navigation in Fusion360
    2D and 3D Sketching Tools
    Creating and Modify 3D objects
    Creating Assemblies and Joints
    Produce Photorealistic Renders
    Understand the Product Design Process using a step by step guide for designing a bar stool


    No prior design experience required. You will learn it all in this course.
    You will need to have Autodesk Fusion360 installed on your Mac/PC device.


    From a novice 3D modeller to a skilled product designer

    Learn how to create elegant and intricate designs in Fusion360. Become proficient at creating designs in Fusion360, even without any experience in this field.

    Fusion360 is a software that has endless limits and consists of tons of extremely useful tools that can help you easily create and elevate your design.

    In this course, we have broken down the learning process into 9 structured modules. Each module covers a specific section of the design process, consisting of detailed and in-depth video tutorials, tips and tricks as well as downloadable resources that will assist your learning of various skills throughout this course. The modules are structured in a specific manner to help you learn effectively, where each module is directly related to the previous one, resulting in a smooth experience for learners. The tutorial videos are followed by challenges that allow you to test yourself and therefore learn better.

    This is also a project based course, where you will be using the knowledge and skills from the course to create your own product design alongside the instructor. By the end of this course, you will have learnt numerous tips, techniques and strategies that will allow you to expand the horizons of your design abilities.
    Who this course is for:

    Beginner 3D enthusiasts looking wanting to expand their skillset
    Aspiring product designer wanting to learn about the design process.
    3D design students looking for some additional guidance.
    Anyone who is feeling creative!
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