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Udemy - Unreal VR Dev: Make VR Experiences with Unreal Engine in C++

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    Build Stunning Video Games in Virtual Reality. Tutorials Cover Design for Oculus Rift & Steam VR w/C++11.

    What you'll learn

    Understand and explain the unique challenges presented by VR hardware such as motion sickness.
    Recreate the most common mechanisms of VR games such as teleportation, spatial UI and object interaction.
    Compare solutions to VR challenges and assess which perform best in a given context.
    Choose the most appropriate mechanisms for their own games and projects.


    An Oculus Rift or Steam VR compatible headset.
    A PC or Mac meeting the minimum specifications of the headset.
    Comfortable with using UE4 editor for basic scene editing.
    Able to use the UE4 Blueprint editor to make basic behaviours.
    Able to use C++ to create actors with basic behaviours.


    Learn to build beautiful Virtual Reality experiences. This course, created in collaboration with Epic Games, teaches you everything you need to know to build your very own VR apps and games in the world class Unreal Engine.

    Unreal is a massively powerful game engine that puts performance and graphics first. It includes industry-grade VR tools that power some of the best high-end experiences on the market such as Robo Recall. That's why Unreal is the perfect tool to create your own VR experiences.

    Virtual Reality is being used to develop apps and experiences for a broad range of industries beyond games. You can do Architectural Visualisation by walking around a building before it is built. You can sketch and sculpt car designs directly in 3D without a modeller. And of, course, you can play games in a completely different way.

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