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Unity Asset Bundle - January 2021

Discussion in 'Game Applications & Related' started by VIPGFX, Jan 12, 2021.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    Unity Asset Bundle - January 2021 | 59.3 GB


    Advanced Culling System v1.3.4
    Armor Pack 1 v1.4.1
    Automatic Quality FPS - Unity Auto-quality v1.0.3
    AZURE Nature v1.1.1
    Beautify 2 v10.8
    Behavior Designer - Behavior Trees for Everyone v1.6.6
    Character Accessories v1.1
    Clayxels v1.3
    Cliffs Stones v2.0
    Cyber samurai v1.0
    cyberpunk - Transformer City v1.2
    Demons v7.1
    Devils v8.1
    Dialogue Speaker v1.0
    Dragons v40.2
    Dynamic Bone v1.2.2
    Easy Mobile Pro v2.13.0
    Easy Save - The Complete Save Load Asset 3.3.1f10
    Emerald AI 2.0 v2.4.1.1
    EnhancedScroller 2.26.0
    Eye Advanced v1.1
    Fantasy Horde - Orc v1.29
    Fast Frost Rain Steam Mobile URP VR AR LWRP v1.0
    Fireball Prefabs v1.3.1
    First-Person Parkour System for Playmaker v2.0
    Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature v1.6.4
    FPS Builder v1.0.3
    Frozen GUI Pack v1.7
    Fullscreen Editor v2.2.2
    Gaia Pro - Terrain Scene Generator v2.2.3
    Game Creator v1.1.11
    Giant Worm Pack PBR v13.1
    Grouping Tool v1.0.0
    Hand Painted Chests Treasure v1.0
    Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion v3.3.1
    HQ FPS Weapons v1.2.1
    HQ Residential House v2.1
    HUD Navigation System v2.2.0
    Jimmy adventure - Stylized character v2
    Lean Touch v2.2.2
    Lock-picking - Key locks Padlocks and Ciphers v1.0
    Low Poly Ultimate Pack v4.7
    Massive Clouds Atmos - Volumetric Skybox v1.0.9
    Meadow Environment - Dynamic Nature v2.3.4
    Medieval Mega Pack 1.5
    Medusa Female Human Snake Mythology Pack PBR v4.1
    Micro Monster Heroes Pack Low Poly v2
    MicroSplat - Terrain Collection v3.61
    MicroSplat - Terrain Collection v3.601
    MicroSplat - URP support v3.6
    Mimic Chests And regular chests with gold and gems too v11.1
    Minotaur Character Pack v1.1
    Modern UI Pack v4.3.1
    Mountain Trees - Dynamic Nature v2.3.5
    Mushroom Monsters v28.1
    NatCorder - Video Recording API v1.7.3
    Nature Renderer Personal License v1.3.13
    Non-Convex Mesh Collider Automatic Generator v1.2
    Oak Trees Package v2.03
    Obfuscator v3.6.2
    Outdoor Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack v2.0
    OverCloud v1.10
    Paint in 3D v1.9.14
    Path System v1.0
    PBR Rocks - Nature Pack v1.7.1
    Plant Monster Pack PBR v8.1
    Plants Pack Set v1.0
    Poly Few Mesh Simplifier and Auto LOD Generator v5.8
    Poly Few Mesh Simplifier and Auto LOD Generator v5.9
    Post Processing Profiles v3.25
    ProSurfaceSnap v2.0.2
    Quantum Console v2.4.3
    Rain and Snow Pack v1.1
    RAM 2019 - River Auto Material 2019 v1.4.4
    Realistic Car Controller 3.42
    Realistic Snow and Fog FX v1.2
    Rock Monster Pack PBR v12.1
    RPG Builder 1.0.2
    Sci Fi Hologram Shader v1.0
    Sci Fi Hologram Shader
    Script Inspector 3 v3.0.27
    Selection Utility v1.0
    SG Patcher - Update your game easily In-App v1.12.2
    Shader Control v6.4
    Shirley Anime-Style Character For Games And VRChat
    SimpleSQL v2.12.1
    Spider Character Spiders Pack v5.2
    Stylized Water Shader v2.1.4
    Tail Animator v2.0.5
    Text Animator for Unity v1.2.10
    The Vegetation Engine v2.0.2
    Third Person Controller - Shooter Template v2.5.5
    Third Person FreeClimb Add-on v1.2
    Third Person Swimming Add-on v1.4
    TODO Code Todo List v1.0
    Toon Racing v1.3
    Top-Down Assets v1.2
    Troll Character RPG Fantasy PBR v1.1
    UI - Builder v1.9
    Ultimate LOD System MT v3.1.1
    Ultimate Notification System - Player Feedback Made Easy v1.10
    UModeler v2.7.27f7
    UModeler v2.7.27f8
    UniStorm - Volumetric Clouds Sky Modular Weather and Cloud Shadows v4.3.0
    UPGEN Lighting Standard v1.5
    Vectrosity v5.6.1
    Water Sounds Pack v1.0
    Weapons Armor PBR Pack 1 v10.1
    Wet Stuff v4.1.1
    White mage spells v1.0
    Winter Environment - Nature Pack v1.6.1
    Winter Tundra - Ice Rock Pack v1.1

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