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Unreal Engine Bundle 1 Aug 2021

Discussion in 'Game Applications & Related' started by VIPGFX, Aug 23, 2021.



    Jul 25, 2011
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    [UE5] R2 – Realistic House Pack (4.26) and (5.0)
    Photorealistic and Complete Archviz Project- Amazing to Study – Blueprints, Grass, Trees, Furnitures, Pivot Painter Wind System…
    This Amazing Unreal Project Pack was created for to be Photorealistic.
    This is Amazing for Study and reverse engineering.
    The project used as reference was the amazing R2 House
    by Studio Bloco Arquitetura.
    This Project Have Severals Amazing Techniques :
    Optimized Models
    Photorealistic Materials
    2×2 Textures
    Pivot Painter Wind System
    And much More

    Technical Details
    Collision: (Yes — custom )
    Vertex Count:
    LODs: (Yes) – Everything
    Number of Unique Meshes: 226
    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 282
    Number of Textures:353
    Texture Resolutions: (512 – 1024- 2048 – 4096 – 8192)
    Supported Development Platforms:
    Windows: (Yes)
    Mac: (Yes)

    Everything you see in the pictures and videos is present in the asset, including the demo scenes.

    An ordinary Hong Kong street, with an infinite number of air conditioners, manholes on the roads and carts with crates.

    All this can be created using this asset. The modular system with individual colliders allows you to assemble the city as a constructor. After that, the streets and facades of the houses can be filled with thematic props.

    Some houses can be entered and ascended to the second floor.

    If you have any questions please contact us art_equilibrium.studio@mail.ru

    Technical Details
    Number of models 386

    Number of textures 216

    LODs: Yes

    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 82

    Texture Resolutions: 2048×2048

    Minimum polygon count 2

    Maximum polygon count 9552

    Types of materials and texture maps PBR

    [UE4] AI Behavior Toolkit v1.7.1 (4.26)

    Create believable AI characters within minutes using a powerful and flexible Behavior State system. AI Behavior Toolkit is a plug-and-play, highly customizable, and easy to use AI Behavior system made with Blueprints. Use it to create believable AI characters within minutes. It enables you to create cohesive and responsive AI behaviors and interactions using a powerful Behavior State system and Tagging system. The toolkit is generic enough to support almost any kind of AI you need, whatever your game may be. Whether you need friendly civilians, loyal companions, strict guards, fierce monsters, or even majestic animals. The toolkit has got you covered. It was made with existing projects in mind, so it will connect smoothly with whatever you have already built in your game.

    Technical Details
    Number of Blueprints: 69

    List of Features:
    – Powerful and flexible Behavior State system
    – Includes 11 built-in Behavior states (Idle, Follow, Flee, Patrol, Seek, AttackMelee, AttackRanged, Defend, Hit, Investigate)
    – Create any type of NPCs ranging from Civilians, Animals, Companions, Enemies and even Badass Bosses, and more!
    – Easy to integrate with it’s plug-and-play nature. Just add a component!
    – Includes 7 built-in Triggers (OnSight, LoseSight, Message, Delay, WithinDistance, BeyondDistance, Health)
    – Behavior Chaining lets you create cohesive and complex AI behaviors
    – Add animations and audio with ease!
    – Easily extend or create your own AI Behaviors and Triggers
    – Create believable and living worlds using Workspaces Actor
    – Parkour system for AI
    – Patrol waypoint system for AI
    – Path Corner actors for triggering AI tasks and events in the scene
    – AI Spawner to dynamically spawn AI characters
    – Blueprints and Behavior Tree based
    – Includes health and damage system
    – Example RPG, Shooter, Stealth, and Flying AI
    – AI Parkour system and Ladder system
    – Rootmotion animation blueprints
    – Multiplayer support

    Download Links:-

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    Mirror :-

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