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VRay 5.00 Beta 2 for Rhino6

Discussion in 'CGI News' started by roocoon, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. roocoon

    roocoon Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2010
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    Lots of updates on this beta!
    For the curious, it's the same fix as in earlier versions.


    V-Ray Vision

    Loading screen is now displayed when a scene is being transferred to Vision
    An issue with Bitmap textures used in the background environment slot is resolved
    The Fly Speed is no longer reset on every scene change done in Rhino. The user defined Fly Speed persists until a new scene is loaded or the scene bounding box changes
    Loading HDR images bigger than 15K no longer leads to a crash
    Material refraction no longer fades towards the edges of the Vision window
    Disabled Proxy LOD option no longer prevents Proxy Meshes from being loaded
    Changing a Proxy Mesh file during a live session is now supported
    Vision no longer closes when no V-Ray License is available. A license error screen is displayed instead
    Fly navigation mode motion smoothing implemented. Increase the Smooth Movement Delay to explore or present the model in a more fluent manner
    Bump material attributes are no longer ignored in Vision
    Using the UVW Placement mapping source no longer prevents the texture using it from being rendered
    The Vision application is now automatically closed after Rhino closes
    Initializing Vision is now faster

    Light Gen

    An issue preventing Light Gen from functioning in specific projects is resolved
    Light Gen no longer fails to illuminate interiors in specific situations. The logic that detects where natural light can enter the closed space from is improved
    Light Gen results can now be saved and loaded with no need for re-generation. Use the results screen Save button to save a .lightset file and load it back at a later stage using the Load button in the generate screen. Note that the HDR images used by the tool might change in the future which will deprecate previously saved .lightset files
    Automatic exposure is now utilized when the interior Light Gen mode is used. This ensures balanced lighting in any closed space independent of the position and size of the windows
    The render time for the generation of each lighting scenario is now limited. This prevents excessive generation times in specific situations


    Render Interactive button added to the VFB. It behaves the same way as its toolbar and Asset Editor counterpart
    A number of issues with render regions are resolved. The rendered region now matches the selection drawn in the VFB
    The VFB layers state is now correctly reset when a new Rhino project is loaded
    VFB 1 no longer pops up together with VFB 2
    Fixed a crash when attempting to load an image in the VFB


    Instancer component objects can now be successfully rendered as part of the Rhino scene with the help of the Render in Project component
    V-Ray Clipper component implemented. Use it for section cuts or procedural boolean mesh intersections
    Material edits in the Asset Editor now correctly update during an interactive rendering session in Grasshopper
    Directionality parameter added to the V-Ray Rectangle Light component
    The Material from Project component no longer prevents rendering in Rhino 7
    An issue with rendering old V-Ray materials (V-Ray 3 and Next) from the Rhino project is resolved
    The Material from Project component no longer lists non-top level plugins of legacy materials
    Mesh quality settings of the V-Ray Geometry component are now correctly saved in the project

    Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

    A new scene management system is now in place to ensure stability. It also makes finding and solving technical issues much easier and safer
    The visual style of the V-Ray installer is updated
    Contours render element implemented. It stores a mask for both the global and material based contours in a separate render element. Note that the contour color and exposure compensation are ignored
    The global contours Compensate EV option is now enabled by default
    Scene objects using a Displacement modifier can now be selected from the Asset Editor. Right click on any Displacement asset and use ‘Select Objects in Scene’ to do so
    An indicator highlighting which rollout options affect the final shader is added to the VRay Mtl layer. Rollout carets become blue in case the parameters inside contribute to the look of the material
    Creating a Gradient texture no longer crashes the Asset Editor
    A number of issues preventing materials with special characters in their names from being loaded (from vrmats) are resolved
    Purge in the Asset Editor no longer incorrectly removes materials actually used in the scene
    Incremental asset duplication no longer causes issues
    A number of issues with the Anisotropy map channel are resolved
    Materials copied from the outliner list can now be successfully pasted in any material reference slot
    An issue related to the material select dropdown menu is resolved. Trying to select a material reference this way no longer crashes in specific situations
    Pack Project now archives Rhino materials’ textures together with the V-Ray ones
    Regions can now be manually selected in the viewport when using the ‘vrayRenderWindow’ command
    The logic for loading sequences of files in the Batch Render tool is improved. Multi-file selection can now be successfully recognized as a sequence and loaded as such
    A number of issues with the V-Ray’s Python script API are resolved. Setting plugin parameter values no longer leads to errors in specific situations
    An issue related to changing Texture Mapping of objects during an interactive RTX rendering session is resolved
    Displacement materials attributes are no longer listed in the V-Ray object properties Displacement dropdown
    A number of issues with the Monochromatic mode and Color Corrections in the VFB are resolved
    Disabled lights no longer appear in the Light Mix list
    An issue preventing the Rhino Document Sun from appearing in the Light Mix list is fixed
    Environment textures no longer produce incorrect output when renamed during interactive rendering
    The viewport safe-frame now correctly responds to output resolution changes